Frequently Asked Questions:

We offer five courses:

There is a full description of learning objectives on our course page. These courses are offered in a hybrid design combining online work with real time interactive sessions with your course mates and the instructor.

This new course will continue to include the high quality content that our students appreciate in an all-new user-friendly online format. Each 11-week course will incorporate an orientation session, online postings, group chats, weekly real time discussion activities led by an experienced instructor, TA sessions, and ongoing guidance from your instructor. This improved format offers you the chance to “meet” your instructor and course mates weekly and discuss scenarios and situations collectively and in real time. It also gives you flexibility to work on your online postings on your own time. No travel time or travel expenses and no time off work required!

If you are a member of the FNHMA, each course is $1,800 plus applicable taxes. As a non-member, each course is $2,250 plus applicable taxes. No travel time or costs or time off work required!

Unfortunately, at this time there are no available funding opportunities with the FNHMA. Please contact us for information on accessing other training dollars.

No. There are no in-person meetings for courses.

You must complete all five courses, as a first step towards the CFNHM designation (unless it is a special case). The whole certification process is described here.

Yes, all previous formats contribute to obtaining your certification, as long as all 5 courses are successfully completed. If you are working full-time we do not recommend taking more than one course per semester.

Each course requires between 5-10 hours per week of your time. It is helpful to schedule time each week to stay on top of the course requirements.

Yes, there are opportunities for extension, please see the policy here.

Yes, you will receive a certificate upon completion of the program, examination and work experience report. Please see Certification Process for further details.

There is a policy on withdrawal and cancellation of the courses. Please see the information found in the administration policies.