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First Nations Health Leaders Virtual Learning Exchange

Updated: 3 days ago

The FNHMA partners with Healthcare Excellence Canada (HEC) to support the growth and development of First Nations health leaders through the First Nations Health Leaders Network, which provides peer-to-peer mentorship and knowledge-sharing opportunities for its members. In support of First Nations health managers, the Leaders Network will host a virtual learning series for FNHMA students and members throughout the 2023/2024 year.

These webinars will allow participants to learn about wise practices from experienced First Nations health leaders and share their knowledge and experiences with specific health leadership challenges. We hope participants will leave with tools and solutions to meet those challenges.

The final Virtual Learning Exchange is postponed until October. Please stay tuned to the FNHMA website, social media, and newsletter for updated information on registration for this event once the new date has been confirmed.

Economic Opportunity and Access to Health Services

Through a presentation and question and answer period, speakers will discuss the following:

  • Health Economics from a First Nations Perspective

  • Social Determinants of Health

  • Economic support and revenue-generating services

Presentation and Q&A on Zoom hosted by:

  • Chief Andy Alook, CFNHM, Chief of Bigstone Cree Nation in Alberta

If you would like to become an FNHMA member for the 2023/2024 year, please visit our membership page to find the option that would work best for you. If you need to re-activate your FNHMA membership, don't hesitate to contact us at, and we will be happy to help you.

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