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Health Services Integration Toolbox

Health Services Integration Toolbox

When accessing healthcare, First Nations communities encounter complex jurisdictions and systems; leading to gaps in healthcare which affect health outcomes. Through coordinating an approach in the structure and delivery of health services, integration across jurisdictions and systems can be achieved. It is the role of the health manager to collaborate and forge partnerships with federal and provincial/territorial governments, regional health authorities, and other service providers. This will encourage seamless (across jurisdictions), relevant and culturally sensitive health service delivery. This toolbox will help health managers through the key phases of health integration: understanding, planning, implementing and evaluating.


A selection of concepts, activities and concise tools have been gathered for your use in this toolbox. Questions that are addressed include: how do you conduct a needs assessment (with an integration lens)? What are the steps to conduct a benchmarking process? How do you create a community engagement plan? How do you create a MOU for a health integration initiative? This toolbox outlines best practices for these processes among others.


With an easy-to-apply format, this toolbox will help you with health integration concepts and execution. We hope it helps you to continue to make a positive impact in your communities.

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