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Textbook: Management of First Nations Health Services
  • Textbook: Management of First Nations Health Services

    The FNHMA is excited to reveal our first textbook publication. This textbook is the perfect complement to the Certified First Nations Health Manager Program (CFNHMP), and is a compilation of both professional and personal perspectives. Although its content is not intended to be comprehensive, there is a wealth of expertise from a wide range of authors describing tried-and-true best practices. Uniquely, this textbook also directly provides First Nations voices and experiences with best practices in health management.

    The written content encompasses the basic principles of First Nations health management, based on our ten competencies: leadership and governance; professionalism; advocacy, partnerships and relationships; human resource management; financial management and accountability; health service delivery; planning; quality improvement and assurance; communication; and cultural awareness.

    These competencies were developed to address what First Nations health managers found the most important at a grassroots level, and it is the hope of the FNHMA that the 29 chapters in this textbook will strengthen these competencies for all First Nations health managers today.

    This textbook will serve health directors, program managers and community health representatives alike; not only to enhance their knowledge, but to hone their skills and abilities, as well as to help them continue to drive change and build healthier communities.

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