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Health and Wellness Planning for First Nations 

FNHMA has developed management tools for public use. The tools all fall under FNHMA’s outlined “Dynamic Values”; culture-based, community-based, strength-based and quality-based. They include breakdowns on key performance indicators, templates, maps, formats on report layouts and so much more. The tools are to be used in conjunction with “Developing Health and Wellness Plans: A Guide for First Nations.” 

The Dynamic Values are not activities but are “ways of working” that honour each community’s traditions and strengths while inclusively planning for quality health services. The guide will provide examples of how Dynamic Values are demonstrated during each stage to help you integrate them into your planning process.

Rather than using conceptual framework, the Guide is based on the key stages that an organization goes through as it develops their plan for wellness. This user-friendly approach is based on wise practices and incorporates the voices of hundreds of First Nation health Managers.

Whether this is the first time you are developing a Health and Wellness Plan or the tenth time, whether you are a single small community or a large multi-community group, and regardless of the type of funding agreement you are in, there will be content in the Guide that can help you plan.

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