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Core Competencies

What are the professional competencies?

The FNHMA focuses on competencies that are essential for a professional active in First Nations health management. Competencies have been grouped into ten core domains of knowledge and skills with a listing of competency indicators. They:

  1. Serve as a base for the development of curriculum for the First Nations Health Managers Program;

  2. Assist in preparation for the CFNHM professional examination;

  3. Identify and measure practical work experience requirements;

  4. Assist to develop continuing professional development services;

  5. Serve as a tool to conduct a self-assessment to identify areas requiring professional development and as an evaluation tool in the Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition (PLAR) program;

  6. Support in recruitment and selection; and

  7. Support in performance management and evaluation.


The competencies are general and pertinent to all types of First Nations organizations.

The certification program measures the following ten core competency domains:

  • Leadership and Governance

  • Professionalism

  • Advocacy, Partnerships and Relationships

  • Human Resources Management

  • Financial Management and Accountability

  • Health Services Delivery

  • Quality Improvement and Assurance

  • Planning

  • Communication

  • Cultural Awareness

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