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Health and Wellness Planning for First Nations 

The FNHMA has released four publications and designed two supporting workshops that support First Nations communities and organizations with health and wellness planning.

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The first is Health and Wellness Planning: A Guide for First Nations. The Health and Wellness Planning Guide provides an easy-to-follow health and wellness planning approach supporting a community-guided process. The Guide represents and honours the voices of hundreds of First Nations Health Managers who have contributed to the content. The Health and Wellness Planning: A Guide for First Nations is available for purchase or as a free digital download.

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The Health and Wellness Planning Toolbox pulls the tools mentioned in the Guide. This toolbox can support you as you develop your health and wellness plan for the first time or the tenth time, whether you are a single small community or a large multi-community group, and regardless of the type of funding agreement you are in, we believe there will be tools that will help every community in some way. The Health and Wellness Planning Toolbox can be purchased through our publications page.

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Health and Wellness Planning: CORE Essentials distills the concepts of creating a complete Health and Wellness Plan to the “core essentials.” This pared-down version supports communities in the earlier stages of the planning journey. Centered on feedback as we hosted workshops in Health and Wellness Planning, many communities just starting requested a document that would help them by offering just the key activities and requirements, “Just the basics.” Health and Wellness Planning: CORE Essentials is available to purchase and offered as a free digital download. Visit our publications page for details.

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FOCUS on Wellness: A Strength-Based Indicator Tool for First Nations is a tool that was developed for First Nations by First Nations. It is a useful and practical tool, facilitating more meaningful and culturally relevant methods in program planning and evaluation. Using a community-led approach, it describes what indicators are, explains why they are important, outlines key qualities of effective indicators, provides suggestions on how to choose them, and offers hundreds of samples. It also introduces a process, using the acronym FOCUS to guide you through the stages. The FOCUS approach outlines the key stages and main activities within each.

Workshop Opportunities​

FNHMA has developed a workshop/learning opportunity focusing on the Guide's key activities. Each workshop can be tailored to the needs and unique situations of the participants, such as community health workers, Tribal organizations and even federal and provincial health and policies workers. FNHMA can assess the needs of each situation and tailor the content and format of the workshop/training to deliver the most effective experience for each participant.

Health and Wellness Planning Workshop

Each participant receives a copy of the Guide and a Toolkit full of great resources. A workshop booklet is also provided that contains additional and summarized information that the instructor will use to walk each participant through the Seven D’s of planning.

Health and Wellness Planning: CORE Essentials Workshop 

The CORE Essentials workshop is designed to support communities in the earlier stages of their planning journey. It draws on the materials and knowledge of the Health and Wellness Planning Guide but focuses on the key elements or core stages of planning that support the larger plan's building blocks.

All workshops are currently delivered ‘on demand’ and can be requested by contacting FNHMA at

Knowledge Sharing 

The videos below complement the Health and Wellness Planning Guide and provide context on how to best utilize the information provided in the guide. 

HWP Module 1: Intro
HWP Module 2: First stage
HWP Module 3: Second Stage
HWP Module 4: Third Stage
HWP Module 5: Fourth Stage
HWP Module 6: Fifth Stage
HWP Module 7: Sixth Stage
HWP Module 8: Seventh Stage
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