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Certified First Nations Health Managers Program

FNHMA and its members’ success contribute to strengthening the health management capabilities of First Nations organizations in Canada.


Certified First Nations Health Managers gain insight into the most advanced and up-to-date health management practices and health service issues facing First Nations organizations.

You will be the experts and interpreters on health issues and health management matters.

You will provide organizations with a focused and balanced approach in maximizing the use of resources.

You are the key players in developing strategy and delivering health business plans and services within First Nation organizations.

FNHMA offers

A certification program leading to the Certified First Nations Health Manager (CFNHM) professional designation. Health managers from across Canada can take advantage of the CFNHM professional program.

Certification process:
  1. Completion of the Certified First Nations Health Manager Program (CFNHMP) ​​or PLAR path

    • Course 100 - The First Nations Health Landscape

    • Course 200 - High Performing Strategic Organizations

    • Course 300 - Effective Programs & Services

    • Course 400 - Efficient Organization

    • Course 500 - The Professional First Nations Health Manager

  2. Completion of the Professional Examination.

  3. Completion of two years of verified practical work experience.

  4. Agreement to abide by the Code of Ethics and Standards of Ethical Conduct.


View the CFNHM Information Guide for an outline of course learning objectives. 

The CFNHM professional designation is supported by the following standards:

The need for CFNHMs has never been greater for First Nations organizations!

Many employers will encourage their employees to enroll in the Certified First Nations Health Managers Program and will assist with the cost of course tuition and annual FNHMA membership dues. Additionally, inquiries related to educational assistance can be made to Indigenous Services Canada and a number of other federal and provincial departments and agencies that promote and support educational activities.

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