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Course 300 - Effective Programs and Services

Course 300 - Effective Programs and Services

Course 300 is the third of our five courses and provides health managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop, deliver and evaluate health services in a First Nations community. The lessons will demonstrate how understanding community needs are a key component of health service development, delivery and evaluation. This understanding will help you to engage your community and provide relevant program communications. The importance of considering quality and risk issues when developing and improving health services is also examined. Finally, the lessons will address the retention, promotion and growth of partnerships and relationships with other organizations/governments through advocacy efforts; which are necessary to support health services delivery.

  • Key Topics

    cultural competency - working with community, community engagement, developing, implementing, and evaluating programs and services, emergency planning, continuous quality improvement, managing risk, advocacy and partnerships, innovation and wise practices, communicating organization progress.

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