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Course 500 - The Professional First Nation Health Manager

Course 500 - The Professional First Nation Health Manager

Course 500 is the last of our five courses and provides health managers with key insights into the importance of cultures and community, and cultures and health care. Cultural influences affect decision making and behaviours in communities, which is why it is so important for health managers to clearly understand the community culture in which they work. It is necessary to support the creation of a culturally competent health system where First Nations people can experience culturally safe care.


The lessons will cover professionalism as well, and this will help health managers be responsible professionals and role models for their employees. One aspect of being professional includes engaging in continuous learning activities for yourself and others. The lesson about continuous learning will help develop career management goals and a sound understanding of future development requirements.


Lesson 6 will address ethical considerations for health managers, and the content will assist health managers to support ethical decision-making. Self-care will also be covered, because it is often neglected by health managers and it is so valuable to put into practice.


The last lesson will talk about research and reports to help health managers prepare for Assignment 2. It is a substantial project in which health managers will have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to integrate their knowledge from the courses to establish or improve a given situation.

  • Key Topics

    cultural competency in ourselves, professionalism, personal ethics, continuous learning, self care, final project.

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