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Health and Wellness Planning: CORE Essentials

Health and Wellness Planning: CORE Essentials

The First Nations Health Managers Association (FNHMA) is pleased to share this most recent planning guide, Health and Wellness Planning: CORE Essentials. It distills the concepts of creating a complete Health and Wellness Plan to the “CORE essentials.”
Based on our seminal publication, Developing Health and Wellness Plans: A Guide for First Nations, we created a pared-down version that supports communities in the earlier stages of their planning journey. Centered on feedback as we hosted workshops in Health and Wellness Planning, many communities just starting requested a document that would help them by offering just the key activities and requirements, “Just the basics.” 
We’ve maintained the approach we integrated into our original Health and Wellness Planning Guide, that of values-based planning into four CORE Values that will help guide activities as your community moves through the planning process: Culture, Ownership, Respect and Engagement.


If you’re a large or small community or an organization that needs to start with the basic concepts of planning, this Guide will help you pull your strengths together and create the bases of a good solid start on your planning journey. 

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