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Health and Wellness Planning Toolbox

Health and Wellness Planning Toolbox

This health and wellness planning toolbox was developed to support the document Developing Health and Wellness Plans: A Guide for First Nations (the Guide). For the first time, the Guide was developed outside of the government, by a national First Nations health organization. 


A community's Health and Wellness Plan is the 'Big Plan'. It defines health priorities, outlines how the programs and services will help achieve the goals and identifies how to measure the progress and success of the community's efforts. The Guide is based on values identified as important to the community. In the Guide, the values are culture, community, strength, and quality. However, every community will plan based on the values they deem important. 


The Guide proposes seven key stages that an organization goes through as it develops a plan for health and wellness. Throughout the development of the Guide, we heard from hundreds of First Nation health managers about the types of tools that would be helpful. Their voices guided the creation of the tools in this Toolbox. 


This toolbox can support you as you develop your health and wellness plan for the first time or the tenth time, whether you are a single small community or a large multi-community group, and regardless of the type of funding agreement you are in, we believe there will be tools that will help every community in some way. 

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