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Human Resources, Programs and Support Services Toolbox
  • Human Resources, Programs and Support Services Toolbox

    For many health organizations across Canada, managing human resources is a challenge. This toolbox will shed light on important functions of human resource management including: succession planning, setting up recruitment interviews, and writing job descriptions. This toolbox also contains valuable information about health programming and support services; with a focus on key areas such as planning, reporting and evaluation.


    A variety of guidelines, charts and checklists have been streamlined for your use in this toolbox. You may have questions such as: how do you conduct an interview? How do you manage change? What is the best way to prepare and present materials to health leadership? How do you develop a funding proposal? Our variety of tools will answer these questions among many others.


    With an easy-to-apply format, this toolbox will help you with your day-to-day duties as a health manager. We hope it helps you to continue to make a positive impact in your communities.

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