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Intensive Courses

Condensed and in-person.

Networking opportunities!

FNHMA's popular intensive courses are back.


They are delivered over a nine-week period with a five-day on-site session with an experienced instructor and teaching assistant.

The intensive courses provide the opportunity for networking, on-site support, group work, and enhanced discussion for an enriched learning environment.

The delivery format provides our participants with:

  • Orientation

  • Opportunities to network with other Health Directors/Managers

  • Dialogue, discussion, support, and learning from classmates

  • Group problem solving

  • Enhanced opportunity for mentorship and coaching

  • Support and ongoing guidance from your instructor

Please note that Intensive courses require a minimum of ten registrations before they can be offered.

Become a candidate member now and save $575 on each course purchase!

Or already a candidate member, email now for your discount code!

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