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Governance, Strategy, Policy and Decision-Making Toolbox
  • Governance, Strategy, Policy and Decision-Making Toolbox

    At the foundation of all health organizations, you will find: principles of governance; planning and strategy; and policy and decision-making. It is essential for a health manager to effectively learn and practice these skills.


    A wide range of steps, sample policies and checklists are available for daily use in this toolbox. There are guidelines and examples addressing challenges faced and common questions posed by health managers. For example, how do you hold effective meetings with board members and staff? How can you assess your community’s health needs? How do you conduct a SWOT analysis? How can you integrate culture into health service delivery? If you have any of these questions, this toolbox is for you.


    With an easy-to-apply format, it is highly practical to put our tools and best practices to use at your health organization. We hope it helps you to continue to make a positive impact in your communities.

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