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Health Services Accreditation Toolbox

Health Services Accreditation Toolbox

Health services accreditation is one of the most commonly used processes that help organizations understand how effectively they provide client care, reduce risks, make improvements, and how they can be fully accountable. Accreditation is a formal process in which organizations assess themselves to standards and identify where they need to make improvements, and also what they do well. The process improves client outcomes and helps strengthen the continuum of care.


FNHMA’s Health Services Accreditation Toolbox offers concrete tools that will help organizations navigate the exciting accreditation journey. Accreditation can be a rigorous, yet rewarding process for health organizations. FNHMA’s Accreditation Toolbox was made possible by many health directors, accreditation coordinators, and accrediting bodies. The input provided has helped shape this toolbox into the publication it is by hearing their challenges, their successes and what they feel would have been helpful for them while they were going through the process of becoming accredited. Organizations are put through a three-phase process while on the journey to becoming accredited. The toolbox is structured around the phases and includes key concepts, the key activities and a variety of tools that would be helpful through the phase, and includes scenarios that can be used as learning activities.

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