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First Nations Sister Organizations Sign Commitment to Reciprocal Relationship

First Nations Sister Organizations Sign Commitment to Reciprocal Relationship to Strengthen Path Forward in First Nations Health

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 6, 2023 – The First Nations Health Managers Association (FNHMA), Thunderbird Partnership Foundation (Thunderbird), and First Peoples Wellness Circle (First Peoples) signed a Commitment to a Reciprocal Relationship today. In the spirit of collaboration, this act formalizes, honours and respects the key roles and mandates of each organization and governing board.

For the FNHMA, this includes but is not limited to supporting capacity development and resources for First Nations health managers, directors, and leaders. For First Peoples, this includes mental wellness, crisis support, and the Indian Residential School - Day School workforce. For Thunderbird, this includes but is not limited to the National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program and National Youth Solvent Abuse Program community and Treatment Center workforce, directors, and leaders.

“We are thrilled to officialize this reciprocal relationship today and create a more unified environment that allows each association to continue to work tirelessly in our areas of focus,” states Marion Crowe, CEO of FNHMA. “For FNHMA, we are eager to continue to support our First Nations health leaders from across Turtle Island with our professional designation, health management resources and capacity development opportunities.”

“As we unite with our sister organizations - the First Nations Health Managers Association (FNHMA) and Thunderbird Partnership Foundation - our commitment at First Peoples Wellness Circle to empower our mental wellness workforce through capacity building and highlighting wise practices is strengthened through this reciprocal relationship. Drawing from the principles of the First Nations Mental Wellness Continuum Framework (FNMWCF), we strive to continue collectively challenging systemic barriers, sharing wisdom, and championing wholistic well-being. Our vision for Turtle Island is clear: a future where First Nations lead their wellness journey, free from barriers. Together, we stand firm against systemic racism and advocate for transformative change.” - Dr. Brenda Restoule, CEO, First Peoples Wellness Circle.

“Thunderbird is an organization that has always believed relationships are important in supporting First Nations Mental Wellness. We are very grateful to have a strong relationship and now a commitment to partner with First Nations Health Managers and First Peoples Wellness Circle. We all have distinct mandates but share one vision. That vision is that there is no health without Mental Wellness which is defined by Hope, Belonging, Meaning and Purpose. Together we look forward to the change we can support in mental wellness across the lifespan of First Nations.” - Dr. Carol Hopkins, CEO Thunderbird Partnership Foundation.


About the First Peoples Wellness Circle

The First Peoples Wellness Circle (FPWC) is an Indigenous-led national not-for-profit dedicated to enhancing the lives of Canada’s First Peoples by addressing healing, wellness, and mental wellness barriers. The organization’s purpose is to walk with and support First Peoples and communities to share collective intelligence for healing, peace-making, and living a good life. FPWC’s approach is centred on promoting wellness pathways based on traditional knowledge and culture that supports healing and wellness and fosters a two-eyed seeing approach. FPWC envisions a nation where our First Peoples experience wholistic health and wellness by championing diverse cultural values, beliefs, and practices.

FPWC Media Contact:

Haley Laronde

Sr. Communications Lead

About the First Nations Health Managers Association

The First Nations Health Managers Association (FNHMA) is a national professional association whose goals include providing leadership in health management by promoting quality standards, research, certification and professional development. The overall FNHMA mandate is to provide leadership and support on First Nations health and social human resources by facilitating community and regionally-based innovations in health management delivery, including promising practices.

FNHMA Media Contact:

Kylie Thompson

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

About the Thunderbird Partnership Foundation

The Thunderbird Partnership Foundation (TPF) is a non-profit organization that is committed to working with First Nations to further the capacity of communities to address substance use and addiction. We promote a wholistic approach to healing and wellness that values culture, respect, community, and compassion. Our top priority is developing a continuum of care that would be available to all Indigenous people in Canada.

TPF Media Contact:

Shinoah Cheechoo

Communications Manager


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