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Health and Wellness Planning Workshop | April 23-25, Edmonton, AB

Updated: Mar 19

Developing Health and Wellness Plans: A Guide for First Nations | The Workshop

Join the FNHMA Health Planning team for a 3-day, on-site workshop in Edmonton, AB, from April 23-25. 

This workshop will introduce participants to the Seven D's and provide hands-on knowledge in using the Developing Health and Wellness Plans: A Guide for First Nations (the Guide). Participants will leave with useful tips and tools to support their health and wellness plans and a copy of The Guide and the supporting Toolbox. 

What are the Seven D's and what will the workshop cover? The purpose of using the Seven D’s approach is to provide a structure that supports communities but doesn’t prescribe exactly what to do or how to do it, the Seven D's will cover the following:

  1. Discuss… the process. This stage looks at the readiness elements of health planning, including preparing leadership, creating a planning group, and plenty of communication.

  2. Design… the work plan. This stage helps you lay out your process to create your Health and Wellness Plan; essentially your plan to create a Plan.

  3. Discover… the current situation. This stage guides you through an assessment of your community – what your community has (i.e., assets) and what it needs related to health and wellness.

  4. Define… the priorities. This stage builds on your Community Assessment and helps you identify priorities based on criteria.

  5. Develop… the draft. This stage is where you create your draft Health and Wellness Plan for the next five to ten years.

  6. Deliver… the plan. This stage is where you take the completed draft Health and Wellness Plan and move it forward, for review and approval, so it is ready for implementation.

  7. Do… the work. This stage is where you create the Annual Plan that will bring your Strategic Plan to life!

Facilitator: Samara Lewis, FNHMA Health Planning Specialist 

Co-Facilitator: Margaret Tims, FNHMA Health Planning Liason


FNHMA Member Fee - $1,490.00

Non-Member Fee - $1,860.00

To register, click on one of the buttons below. FNHMA members receive a discount on all workshop and course registration fees. To become a member, please visit


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